Today, Alchemy launches three pioneering VR documentaries on PlayStation VR.  Atomic Ghost Fleet and Cocos: Shark Island are two new productions available alongside the award winning David Attenborough’s First Life VR. All three experiences are accessible by the public for the first time in their own homes and available to up to 40 million users globally on the Sony VR headset.ATGS

Atomic Ghost Fleet (18 minutes): An expedition to the shipwrecks of the Nuclear Age

 Seventy years ago, some of the most powerful nuclear weapons ever created were detonated over the Bikini Atoll; a remote chain of islands in the crystal blue waters of the tropical Pacific. The islands became off-limits to mankind, saturated in radioactive fall-out.  But in 2015, the state-of-the-art research and exploration vessel Alucia and her crew returned to discover the secrets below the waves.

In this unique VR experience, we descend into Bikini’s tropical lagoon to come face to face with an undisturbed historical world of extraordinary shipwrecks. Revealing the fate of these sunken relics ‘Atomic Ghost Fleet’ combines world first 360 degree footage and archive materials with rare and poignant insight.


Cocos: Shark Island (10 Minutes): An expedition dive into a shark infested paradise

340 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, in the Pacific Ocean, lies Cocos Island. Described by legendary underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau as, “the most beautiful island in the world”, its tropical waters are home to a rich marine ecosystem – making it a mecca for schools of hungry sharks.

In this immersive VR experience we join a team of expert researchers and scientists as they dive into this underwater paradise at feeding time. Thankfully the sharks are focussed on the fish, leaving you to witness this great event in thrilling 360 degrees.FLVR

David Attenborough’s First Life VR (15 minutes): A journey back in time to experience the dawn of life on Earth

David Attenborough’s First Life VR is an award-winning fully immersive virtual reality experience produced by Alchemy VR. In stunning 360 VR, go on a journey of discovery to unearth the secrets of the evolution of the first life on Earth.  Travel back to the Cambrian Oceans of 540 million years ago as David Attenborough reveals the dawn of life on Earth and introduces you to its earliest inhabitants, exploring ancient oceans and interacting with extraordinary extinct sea creatures. Using top paleontological research and state of the art computer technology, long-extinct animals such as the five-eyed Opabinia, the fearsome looking Anomalocaris and the spiny, worm-like Hallucigenia are brought vividly alive in a fully immersive CG VR experience.

With stunning CGI created by the Emmy-award winning team at ZOO VFX, this VR experience has won several of the most prestigious digital awards in the industry, including the World Summit Award and the Museum & Heritage Awards for innovation.

Atomic Ghost Fleet and Cocos: Shark Island are produced by Atlantic Productions with Alucia Productions

Alchemy VR experience launches on Greenpeace VR app

Greenpeace launches Virtual Explorer app containing specially commissioned Alchemy VR content 

Earlier this week Greenpeace UK launched their first VR app, Virtual Explorer, which through a range of 360-degree immersive films,  gives supporters the chance to experience amazing places like the Amazon and Arctic first-hand, and take action to defend them.

One of the films, Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon, was shot in the heart of the Amazon rainforest by Alchemy VR and highlights the world of the Munduruku Indigenous People which is currently under threat from planned government construction initiatives. Alchemy VR and Greenpeace spent two weeks living with the Munduruku people, capturing the very essence of tribe life and creating a truly empathic virtual reality experience.

It was such an honor working with such an esteemed organisation to bring attention to such a worthy cause. There is much more to announce on this project so watch this space!

You can download the app here and it is compatible with a number of VR headsets but if you don’t have one you can make a small donation to Greenpeace and they will get one out to you.


David Attenborough’s First life VR premieres in North America!

David Attenborough’s First life VR running now at the Canadian Museum of Nature


Visitors to the Canadian Museum of Nature are now able to watch David Attenborough’s First life VR. This is the first time any of Alchemy’s VR experiences have been shown in a cultural organisation in North America so naturally we are very excited!

Alchemy’s founder and CEO Anthony Geffen states “We’re delighted to be  partnering with the Canadian Museum of Nature to bring David Attenborough’s First Life VR to audiences in this part of the world’ he goes on to add that ‘VR offers institutions like the CMN an unparalleled ability to transport visitors back to these ancient oceans in a completely immersive way, exciting and inspiring them to engage in the natural world and its past through groundbreaking technology’

Thanks to the team at the museum who worked with us to help bring First Life VR to more audiences globally!

As well as the standard version of the experience, Alchemy also provided a French VO version of the experience to the museum allowing more visitors to enjoy this award winning experience

If you are local you can buy tickets here

Great Barrier Reef Dive nominated for BAFTA Craft award 2017

Alchemy are delighted to announce that David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Dive VR has been shortlisted in the digital creativity category at this year’s BAFTA Craft Awards.

It’s such an honor to be nominated for such such a prestigious award and we would like congratulate the other nominees and also the team that worked very hard on bringing this production to life

Great Barrier Reef Dive VR is currently playing at Trondheim Science Centre in Norway and at National Museum Australia in Canberra. Previously it ran at the Natural History Museum in London and the Australia Museum in Sydney, watch below to see what the visitors in Sydney thought of this breath taking experience



Experience Space Descent VR with Tim Peake at the Science Museum from 24 March

This morning Alchemy was at Science Museum for the press preview of Space Descent VR with Tim Peake which launches to the public next Thursday 24 March. It was great to see people trying out this amazing experience and we can’t wait for everyone to be able to have a go – you can book your tickets online here


Visitors at the Science Museum this morning viewing the experience

This is Alchemy’s most ambitious project to date and we’d just like to say thank you to the amazing team that worked on this production, the Science Museum and of course Tim Peake himself who commented that the VR ‘really is breath-taking – and that comes from someone who has spent an awful lot of time using VR systems while training for my first mission. Science Museum visitors are going to experience something that truly is very close to the real thing.’


Behind the scenes with Tim Peake at Alchemy VR and Tim Peake with founder and CEO Anthony Geffen

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First Life VR Wins Innovation Award

The First Life virtual reality experience has won a Museum & Heritage Award for Innovation, given jointly to Alchemy VR and the Natural History Museum in London. Narrated by David Attenborough, this immersive experience takes audiences into the depths of the Cambrian oceans to the very dawn of life where they encounter the first animals ever to live on this planet, brought to life in visually-stunning and scientifically accurate CGI.  The judges commented that it was an outstanding piece of work which set the benchmark for the future in museums. First Life was previously available in London’s Natural History Museum from July to December 2015, and is now showing at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

For more about the Museum & Heritage Awards and the 2016 winners, click here


A Look at the Museum of the Future

There’s a revolution afoot inside museums as technology sparks experiments in exhibit design. From virtual reality to 4-D films, read the full article from the Wall Street Journal to find out what to expect. Here’s what the WSJ had to say about ‘David Attenborough’s First Life Virtual Reality Experience’

London’s Natural History Museum scored a popular hit with “First Life,” a virtual-reality film starring hallucinogenic ocean creatures brought to audiences in color using museum-backed research. Visitors wear headsets inside a 65-seat theater and experience 360-degree views of prehistoric sea life swimming around them. Producer Anthony Geffen said the educational film goes beyond the “dusty little fossils” also featured in the exhibit. Mr. Geffen, who made the film with British broadcaster David Attenborough, said seven American museums plan to show it.

Power to the pixel: First Life VR previews at ‘Virtual Stories’ exhibition

Virtual Stories (10-18 Oct)

Power to the Pixel and BFI London Film Festival invite you to experience the latest in virtual reality and immersive storytelling at this free exhibition at BFI IMAX. Exhibiting 16 projects from some of the world’s greatest VR creators, audience members will experience an immersive journey into the world of VR stories, spanning fiction, documentary, animation and art, including a free preview of First Life VR. Find out more about the ‘Virtual Stories’ exhibition here.



Alchemy VR and Google Bring Virtual-Reality to Classrooms Around the World

Today Google launched their ambitious virtual-reality education program that will take students on virtual field trips using Google Cardboard headsets. 

Alchemy VR has been working on a series of Expeditions following a partnership that was announced at Google’s annual I/O conference earlier this year. The Expeditions focus on a variety of curriculum topics – from Biology to Natural History – with some featuring the acclaimed naturalist David Attenborough. 

The Expeditions Pioneer Program is rolling out in schools around the world during the 2015/2016 school year. 


First Life VR launches at the Natural History Museum in London

© Atlantic Productions_Alchemy VR First Life VR launch at the NHM.

© Atlantic Productions_Alchemy VR First Life VR launch at the NHM.

To everyone who’s been waiting to hear what we’ve been doing, we’re finally there. We’re pleased to announce that First Life VR launched at the Natural History Museum in London this morning. Thanks to Samsung, the Natural History Museum and Atlantic Productions for helping to make this happen! You can get tickets for the event at this link on the NHM Website.

If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the trailer for the project below which Wired posted just a few days ago. We’ve had a lot of emails over the last couple of weeks and not much time to respond, so we’re sorry for that. Now that First Life has a home at the Museum we’ll be a bit more talkative. If you’re in London, get down to the Natural History Museum to check it out, and if you own a VR headset, stay tuned.