Alchemy VR and Google Bring Virtual-Reality to Classrooms Around the World

Today Google launched their ambitious virtual-reality education program that will take students on virtual field trips using Google Cardboard headsets. 

Alchemy VR has been working on a series of Expeditions following a partnership that was announced at Google’s annual I/O conference earlier this year. The Expeditions focus on a variety of curriculum topics – from Biology to Natural History – with some featuring the acclaimed naturalist David Attenborough. 

The Expeditions Pioneer Program is rolling out in schools around the world during the 2015/2016 school year. 


‘David Attenborough and producer dive deep into potential of VR’ – The Guardian

Guardian First Life Article

”I am sitting in the Natural History Museum and have just been lunged at by a giant swimming scorpion with glittering eyes. It’s so scary I instinctively duck and cower in my seat.

These are the final few seconds of First Life, an experiment in using virtual reality to tell the story of the natural world that is narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and being shown at the South Kensington museum’s educational studio named after the world-famous naturalist.”

Read the full article at the Guardian. 

First Life VR launches at the Natural History Museum in London

© Atlantic Productions_Alchemy VR First Life VR launch at the NHM.

© Atlantic Productions_Alchemy VR First Life VR launch at the NHM.

To everyone who’s been waiting to hear what we’ve been doing, we’re finally there. We’re pleased to announce that First Life VR launched at the Natural History Museum in London this morning. Thanks to Samsung, the Natural History Museum and Atlantic Productions for helping to make this happen! You can get tickets for the event at this link on the NHM Website.

If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the trailer for the project below which Wired posted just a few days ago. We’ve had a lot of emails over the last couple of weeks and not much time to respond, so we’re sorry for that. Now that First Life has a home at the Museum we’ll be a bit more talkative. If you’re in London, get down to the Natural History Museum to check it out, and if you own a VR headset, stay tuned.

We’re in Wired!


Alchemy to bring Attenborough docs to life on VR kits (Wired UK) - headline

Another day, another awesome feature for Alchemy in the digital press! There’s many a well-thumbed Wired Magazine stashed at our offices so it’s great to hear they’re excited about the work we’re doing too.

It has been high on’s wish list to see an Attenborough-style documentary in the VR world, coming up close to the ocean’s giants or smallest bugs, and it looks as though that is what Alchemy plans to deliver.


Read the full article here.

Alchemy VR is live…and we’re featured in Tech Crunch!

We’re really excited to announce Alchemy VR to the world today. It’s been the product of months of hard work, enthusiasm for wrangling with ever-changing pieces of hardware and technology and late-night creative sessions – but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tech Crunch has written a great article about who we are and what we’ve got planned for for the future. We’d love to hear what you think about it all, just drop us a message or follow us on twitter or facebook and we’ll keep you up to date with what we’re getting up to at Alchemy VR.


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