An expedition dive into a shark infested paradise

340 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, in the Pacific Ocean, lies Cocos Island. Described by legendary underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau as, “the most beautiful island in the world”, its tropical waters are home to a rich marine ecosystem – making it a mecca for schools of hungry sharks. Join a team of expert researchers and scientists as they dive into this underwater paradise at feeding time. Thankfully the sharks are focussed on the fish, leaving you to witness this great event in thrilling 360 degrees. Cocos: Shark Island is produced by Atlantic Productions with Alucia Productions and distributed by Alchemy VR

Cocos: Shark Island is available to download now on the Sony Playstation VR platform and is available to up to million of users worldwide

Duration: 10 minutes
Format: 360 Stereoscopic Video – 5.1 Stereo Sound and a Spatial Mix

Cocos Shark Island is available to license. Please get in touch using our contact form for more information