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Mission Galapagos for BBC 1 with Liz Bonin, filmed in the Galapagos Islands during September 2016 Far into the Pacific Ocean, on the other side of the world, lie the Galapagos Islands. Almost 200 years after Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle, board the Alucia, a state-of-theart scientific research vessel, to undertake your own 21st century voyage of discovery. With cutting-edge technology at your disposal, travel by helicopter to the fuming crater of a volcano to discover barren lava fields inhabited by giant tortoises, clamber across cliff tops to see marine iguanas basking in the sun and descend into the inky ocean depths aboard a submersible to meet sea lions and eagle rays.

Duration: 15 minutes
Format: 360 Stereoscopic Video – 5.1 Stereo Sound and a Spatial Mix