Alchemy create some of the world’s most compelling VR films and immersive experiences for a wide range of clients. We have won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry including the first BAFTA ever awarded to a VR film and have showcased at festivals globally.

A selection of our experiences are available to license at your institution or event on either a long or short term basis. Get in touch using our contact form if you would like to know more.

Below you can find a selection of our productions – click on each image to find out more about each project.


Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon


Dubia VR


Atomic Ghost Fleet: An expedition to the shipwrecks of the Nuclear Age

Adventures in the Eden Rainforest

Adventures in the Eden Rainforest


David Attenboroughs’ First Life VR

Great Barrier Reef Dive (C) Atlantic Productions

David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Dive VR

Fish Cocos (C) Alchemy VR

Cocos Shark Island: An expedition dive into a shark infested paradise

Marine Iguana_Mission Galapagos (C) Atlantic Productions Ltd (1)

Galapagos VR


Simon Callow: Ride of the Valkyries


Mantis Shrimp VR

MV Alucia - Bikini Atoll January 2015 © Atlantic Productions + Alucia Productions

Google Expeditions